Little Hawk Story

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

A village sits at the western edge of a magical forest. As you enter, you see the ravages of evil as those remaining grieve and the village sits in ruins. The Chief is especially distraught because his only child, Princess Kyra, has been captured. With their ranks severely diminished, an unlikely hero emerges in the form of a young man with a big heart, street smarts, and a lot of swagger. After vowing to bring Kyra home safely and vanquish those who brought such angst and destruction, you begin your quest by venturing out into the unknown dangers of a transformed forest.

Along the way, as Little Hawk, you must use your keen instincts, quick reflexes, and unwavering resolve to overcome many challenging obstacles, enemies, and dangers. While you make your way through various zones, Princess Kyra is trapped in the dungeons deep beneath a cursed castle. After completing each zone, you must play as Kyra and try to ascend from the bowels of the castle toward your ultimate escape. But even in escape, the chance for peril still remains.

Ultimately, you must use all your newly acquired skills, and work together, in order to defeat a most powerful foe.