Steve Weiss

Studio Chief, Prototype Engineer

Steve is the chief of our bZillions tribe.He started his entrepreneurial career in casino gaming in 1985. He is the founder of Casino Data Systems, Colossal Gaming, and bZillions. His inspirations are Mario, Rayman, and Dark Castle.​

Krystal-Jo Weiss


KJ is the PR princess of the tribe. She is using the PR skills she's learning in school to get the world to fall in love with Little Hawk. She enjoys the marketing side of the game industry, but is honing her skills as level design as well. She finds inspiration in the games by Humongous Entertainment she enjoyed as a kid and also enjoys Limbo, Overcooked, and the Stanley Parable to inspire her today.

Tawana Dete

Project Manager

Tawana is our head creative tribesman. He is a 10 year veteran of the gaming industry at Colossal Games, American Gaming Systems, and bZillions. Having grown up on Crash Bandicoot, Mario 64, and Metal Slug for NeoGeo, recently Titanfall, Rayman, and Ori and the Blind Forest have been captivating him.

Audrey Lucas

Project Manager, Character Designer, Character Animator, Special FX

Audrey gives life to Little Hawk and the enchanted forest by being the animator of our tribe. She always dreamed of being an animator and has been living the dream for five years as a veteran of the casino and video game industries. She’s an avid player of Overwatch, N++, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Rennan Kalile


Rennan is the architect of our tribe building up all the behind-the-scenes programming that makes Little Hawk’s world run so beautifully. He has been programming for over five years and joined the team as a student programmer in 2015. He is now a lead programmer for the game. Lately, he’s been playing Ori and the Blind Forest and Rayman Legends.

Paloma Otarola

Character Design, Enviroment Artist, Prop Artist

Paloma is the newest member of the tribe, but makes up for her lost time with amazing artistic skills. She has five years experience in casino and video game at Gemini Digital Development and Competition Interactive. Her favorite games of late are Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Mega Man.

Alec Sievern


Alec provides the musical storytelling for our tribe. Having just graduated from the University of Notre Dame, he is excited to score the music to Little Hawk’s world and bring the player into a full immersed game. Alec’s favorite games are Journey, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Ori and the Blind Forest. 

Jean Kalile

Character Design, Character Animator, Special FX

Mary-Sue Weiss


MarySue is the queen of the village and heads the marketing side of the project. She has been a full-time mother and volunteer for many charities for 20 years now which has taken her out of the career scene since. However, the time away has not dulled her marketing skills that she acquired from college. She loves puppies, any game that gets her family together, and Disney’s Emoji Blitz.

Marc Straight

Sound FX

John Kiland


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