Our Business

bZillions is a game design studio with its roots in traditional video slot machine designs. In mid-2015, the Company committed to making a non-gambling game in the platforming genre that was intended to have traditional mechanics, professional quality graphics and sounds, and a couple of unique features designed to differentiate our game. One objective of this project is to work with a group of students ( ages 14-18 ) and allow them to participate in all facets of design and development in cooperation with a small team of professionals.


In order to ship promptly, teach fundamental skills in both design and development, and to minimize commercial risk in our first non-gambling project, a more traditional style of game and gameplay was desirable. Little Hawk is as much a learning experience for bZillions as it is for our team of young interns.

The game is intended to ship by Spring 2018 on Steam for both PC and Mac. Console release will follow after PC release.